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FlameShield Emergency Fire Blanket - 6 Pack

Stay Safe with Our 6 Pack Fire Blanket - Your Ultimate Flame Retardant Solution for Home, Office, and Outdoor Emergencies!

- Easy to Use: The Fire Blanket is designed to be easy to use in emergency situations. It can be quickly and easily deployed to smother flames and prevent them from spreading.
- Cost-Effective: The 6 Pack Fire Blanket offers great value for money, as it includes six blankets for the price of one. This makes it an affordable way to ensure that you have emergency fire suppression equipment on hand whenever you need it.

The 6 Pack Fire Blanket is a must-have for every home, office, and warehouse. Made from high-quality fiberglass, this fire emergency blanket is designed to withstand high temperatures and flames, making it an effective tool for suppressing fires. Measuring 39 x 39 inches, it is large enough to cover most small fires, making it an essential safety cover for your kitchen, car, and camping trips. The flame-retardant material ensures that the fire is contained and doesn't spread, giving you time to evacuate the area safely. This fireproof emergency survival safety cover is easy to use and can be accessed quickly in case of an emergency. With six blankets in a pack, you can ensure that every room in your house is equipped with one, providing you with peace of mind and added safety for your loved ones.